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Reprint from Forbes - How to negotiate a sales contract, commissions, etc. -- essential reading for home seller  $23/year for 100 MB photo gallery - nice styles available is a nice example

Baja Kayaking to see whales (Ref. Jack Morehead) gutsy gal made it work

HTML command reference

Another HTML command reference

Giant Bicycle Yukon model $419/$250

Personal Travel Check List 

Personal Info about Morro Bay, CA   We moved here Oct., 2000, Directions   Birds of Morro Bay Guide   My Kayak
Part I   Part II   Part III   Part IV Sights around Morro Bay   Tide predictor   hello

Baird family photos 12-24-01 at Pismo Beach

scuba-diving-monterey4-8-01.jpg (119337 bytes)

Scuba diving in Monterey, CA 4-8-2000


Check out my Public Morro Bay, CA site

MyYahoo  Shared Files and photos

Athens July 15, 2000 Pics

Good friends on July 4th, 2000 visit - too foggy, no fireworks visible

Monterey March 10-11,2000 SCUBA Certification Trip

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Papers and Seminars, Recent Patents

For Sale: 1931 Model 'A' Ford Closed Cab Pick-Up Sorry, Sold 2/99

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Webshots  photo archive
(used to store images too big for this server) (overflow to ( unlimited free space, duplicates tripod backup of pictures) (obs?) (GONE 2002) (this is now a bad domain) (my_personal_ftp11 MB) (GONE 2002) (unlimited free space - amazing!) (GONE 2002)
my go_infoseek_home_page_starting_page ==> to edit this ==> (rev. 8-28-00) (this is now a bad domain)
((the above is a container for 20 Woodside Way insurance claim photos 10-2000) (model 'A' photos, overflow to (20 MB free at fortune city) (unlimited space?) (GONE 2002) (GONE 2002)  (my 10 MB Overflow space at as a cable subscriber)
My Yahoo (GeoCities) Personal page also  
(I preserved 20 Woodside Way home-for-sale photos here)
Note; FrontPage [used to, no longer] works just fine at GeoCities... just use the above url, and your corresponding yahoo userid and pswd.  ***
NOTE: 10/03  FrontPage publishing via HTTP is no longer supported for GeoCities Plus and GeoCities Free services. (2nd Yahoo account for "overflow" and temporary use) [now gone] another Yahoo, now Geocities site

How to publish FrontPage 2000 webs to Yahoo! Geocities (help e-mail dated 1-11-2001)
[note: 2003, 2004... you can no longer use FrontPage with the Free Yahoo! accounts]

FrontPage publishing via HTTP is no longer supported for GeoCities Plus and GeoCities Free services.  (10/03)

MyAltaVistaHomepage same as  16 MB free (you can use the free Homestead download to create pages here) (GONE 2002)
  or 50 MB free space and you can use FrontPage 2000 - used for overflow -- (note: Tripod is now part of Lycos 50 MB working directory for more "what I saw" and EYSU II files 1-12-2001
same as  my ref: mike@[remove] 
Note trick: You must "enable" your Lycos-Tripod web for FrontPage Web at another default inherited from Lycos-Tripod merger, 50 MB FrontPage enabled, working directory overflow 1-30-2001 same as  my ref: mike@[remove] 
ref: use seting for FTP as desc. at Microsoft "Hotmail" web site, nice web-based management tools  My test page (discontinued by November 2001)  (an alternative to Yahoo! Groups... not too bad!)   is another example 

Create 3D images from 2D photos

Great Mobile Homes of Mississippi - A contrast to Silicon Valley
Other Great Mobile Homes   Greggs  Alabama  Indiana   

Check for DSL Availability in your area

I-Link free phone calls (watch web ads)

BigZoo $0.039 per minute phone calls

Good reading:
satirical reading highly recommended
National Geographic

Password Remember software by 

Real Estate consolidated online at 

$99 Net Appliance for the "Old Economy Folks" (this is now a dead domain)

CPA Reference - from ASKJ "stock option" seminar Q1 2000

Read all about current failing dot.coms at -- this is sad and funny;   is similar but not as
colorful physical postcards w/ your photo is good satirical reading

Jim's "Teaching English as a Foreign Language" school in Guadalajara, Mexico; Another TEFL site of interest.

Ask Jeeves-Related (this was largely deleted July, 2000)'s 12-15-00 top 10 turnaround picks inc. YHOO

Open Letter of Reference for the Prudential Real Estate Glass-Sabine Team October 19, 2000

The ABC News crew films me 10-23-00 for a 10 second piece on "falling dot.coms" which appeared on Peter Jenning's ABC World Nightly News 10-25-00

What to do if you lose your wallet

Robert Baird resume etc. 

Pixel Interconnect: Optical networking, flat panel displays and semiconductor packaging

My Ebay about home page   My items on eBay

My Ebay Image store

My Personal Image store

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Jim Swanson's personal pages hosted under

Friends of the Morro Bay Library work area Description: browse the Keyword Map of the Internet Central Coast Gay and Lesbian Alliance - for the local Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender community - has a good related links page

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