Travel Checklist by Mike Baird  
(Rev Tuesday, March 27, 2007 04:19 PM )

Travel Kit # 1 (used daily) (put in carry-on pack)

Travel Kit # 2 (used as needed) (put in checkable pack)

Fanny Pack “Essentials” always with me

Travel Kit # 3 (mini) special use (fragile, expensive) (put in carry-on pack)

Carry-on Pack (piggy-back zips onto larger pack below)

Main “suitcase” convertible into “back-pack”
onto which smaller carry-on back pack also attaches

At Airport in USA

General Preparation

 Need Yet to Buy

 Do NOT bring (due to getting too heavy)

Undecided to bring

Last Minute make sure to pack

Things I forgot above, or wish I'd taken (rev 7-4-01, 8-8-01)

SCUBA Related Only (rev. 9-28-01)

Cal Dive Notes for Cozumel 10-01 Jim Larson:

Cozumel Checklist

Arrive SFO airport by 10:00pm Sunday the 14th of October
Tickets, Passports, Credit cards, $200 cash (or more) for tips and city shopping sprees

Shorts, Bathing suits, casual dress is fine

SCUBA certification card, Mask, Snorkel, Fins, Boots

Scuba regulator (with computer, alternate air source, & pressure gauge), BC., Flashlight, Chemical light sticks, 

Small bills - ones and fives for initial small expenses. Dollars are fine

1/8 inch wet suit or dive skin
Small lock for SCUBA lockers
Beach size Towel
Mesh dive bag to take on the boats
Cameras (buy film here)
Wetsuit hood for extra warmth
Save a dive kit (o-rings, mask strap etc.

Casa Corcovado  recommends:
* BINOCULARS and a field guide (we recommend "Birds of Costa Rica").
* Sunscreen and insect repellent
* Casual clothing for city traveling
* Shirts cotton or light synthetic, long and short sleeved
* Trousers cotton or light synthetic pants (Jeans not recommended too slow to dry, bring if you want to made horseback riding)
* Hiking shorts
* Footwear: waterproof light weight hiking shoes, river sandals (Teva-type sandals), tennis shoes/running shoes. Make sure you bring TWO pairs of shoes. As soon as one pair gets wet, use that pair any time to you likely to get your feet wet. Go to any length to keep the other pair dry!
* Socks bring extra pairs in case feet get wet * Hat(s) with visor for rain and sun protection
* Plastic water bottle especially for hikes
* Camera and film
* Ziplock plastic bags for spillable toiletries
* Extra prescription glasses and medication (if applicable)
* Small day pack or fanny pack for hikes
* Sweater or Jacket
* Underwear
* Plastic garbage bags for wet items
* Swimwear
* Bandannas
* Collapsible luggage to store extra items in San José