Mike Baird's Visit to Peru 2001

I visited Peru on an Adventure Life tour (which we highly recommend) during July 6 - 25, 2001, prior to my third visit to Guatemala the week after.  Feel free to contact me (Mike Baird) as a reference for this AdventureLife Peru tour and its swell guides.

The Peru tour was a pure "vacation" whereas the Guatemala trip was almost entirely social-project oriented.  Accompanying me on most of the Peru trip was my brother, Jim Baird, and two wonderful, enthusiastic, and energetic women, retired schoolteachers, Kristina (Kris) Maher and Rhoda Cordry.

The following itinerary is peppered with thumbnail pictures (just click to enlarge them).  They are somewhat self-describing by looking at their associated file names.  I concentrated mostly on preserving interesting "people pictures" since so many good stock photos are readily available online of the traditional scenery shots.

First, here are two interesting and colorful photos taken at very high resolution, suitable for printing.
1600x1200-pic-of-painting-in-lima-4-carol.jpg (506120 bytes) dancer-front-view(save-big-4-printing-only).jpg (890381 bytes) (these may take a while to download and display)

The remaining photos are of fairly low resolution (640 or 512 pixels wide).

Here is a map of Peru for reference. peru-map-from-world-travel-guide.gif (31017 bytes)

Itinerary: (repeated and annotated in the following pages, from the AdventureLife publication)

Because I have so many photos (well over 100), I have had to break the trip into the following pages to facilitate faster loading for people with slower Internet connections.  Each "day" page opens a new window.  Close it when you are done, and you will be back on this page.

Day 1: Arrive Lima

Day 2: Pisco

Day 3: Islas Ballestas and Paracas National Reserve

Day 4: Nazca Lines/Arequipa 

Day 5: Free Day Arequipa

Day 6-7: Colca Canyon 

Day 8-10: Puno/Lake Titicaca

Day 11: Journey to Cusco 

Day 12: Journey through the Sacred Valley 

Day 13: Train to Machu Picchu

Day 14: Free Day at Machu Picchu and Huana Picchu

Day 15: Cusco Free Day 

Day 16-19:  Amazon Extension Tour at EcoAmazonia Lodge

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