Backpacking Check List -- by Mike Baird Essentials, Overnight. Food & Meals Safety Clothing Misc.
Backpack (4000+ cu. in.); Rain cover (or poncho) Camp stove, white fuel, tools, Waterproof matches, lighter; Magnesium fire starter First Aid kit, snakebite, moleskin, 2nd skin, liquid newskin, tick removal  tool, Neosporin, sewing kit, cord, Q-tips Storm gear: Gortex parka or rain jacket, w/ rain bib pants Mini wallet - essentials; cash, credit cards, Medical card, ID, emergency #'s, keys
(2) qt. Nalgene H2O bottles (filled) Cup, cook Pot Pan set, Fork & Spoon, scrubber DEET mosquito repellant; Candles (citronella for bugs) (2) Thermal polyester undershirt (2) Bandana
Water filter (pump) kit Bear canister Insect "itch" stick; For TICKS: TeckNu, Zenfel Long sleeve poly shirt (silk?) Eyeglass retainer
Water purification & taste tablets Gorp - sweet (add jelly beans); Gorp - salty .38 Special Pistol Fleece jacket Chap stick holder; chapstick
Compass, backup compass, whistle, signal mirror, watch De-hydrated food packs Folding knife in holster Hiking pants (silk?)

Spare eyeglasses w/ hard case; Sunglasses for other, or extra contact lenses.

Maps (topos), books (optional), pen, paper Hard candy,  bars (snickers), fig Newton's, peanut butter & cheese crackers. Multi-tool Swiss Army knife w/ scissors (for Moleskin) 3 pairs socks w/ 3 pair silk inserts Hat w/ brim
Flashlight (hand, head) Spare batteries Ramen, dried noodles... staple Zip lock plastic bags; Garbage bags Hiking boots w/ good laces Chunk foam for pillow (optional)
Sleeping bag (20), Sleeping Pad Instant coffee, tea bags Combo Lock for storage locker Hiking shorts (or convertible long pants) Bug mesh head cover
Tent w/ rain fly (or Bivy sack); ground tarp Drink mixes (Gatorade...) Sun screen (titanium oxide) sweat band, (2) bandana (use on brow or as scarf) Nail clippers
Hiking pole(s) (1-2) "Gel" power food, Cliff power bars Iron oxide break open pocket warmers Wool (fleece bed) hat, warm or "cable" gloves Fishing line & hook (optional)
small garden trowel, (for cat holes) Cheese & salami sticks, crackers GPS Neoprene booties for streams (optional) Duct tape
Toilet paper (non-scented), tissues Apples for first day Pedometer Teva  sandals (optional)  Cell phone (depends)
Toothpaste & brush    TO BUY: "Chamois" towel Speedo swim suit
Prescriptions (in 7 day case), Tylenol, Antihistamine, Imodium Do not leave food in car
<~2 lbs/ day>
rain cover for backpack; fleece bed cap;  Soap, Shampoo, laundry detergent (bio-degradable), medicated foot powder,  Deodorant (?), Comb, Floss, Safety Pins, extra laces, moisturizer
Transportation: Ride to/from; Itinerary for car & relatives Repair parts, games (cards), reading material medicated foot powder; Insect "itch" stick (2) Hanky Long underwear (optional)
Wilderness permits; Fishing license Camera (extra batteries) rev. 01/26/2012  to (2) Quick dry underpants Gaiters (optional)