BAIRD.WS  Michael "Mike" L. Baird's directory of web sites
listing some of the domains managed by Michael "Mike" L. Baird
Search through some of the following sites using my custom Google search engine - registered at - This page is published at - basically just a list of my active/past domains
hosted at my 1st account at - or elsewhere  registered at - - used to develop and promote a book on this subject...  registered at - -- Gateway to our local photographers' Yahoo! Group
good until 9/14/16 - registered at - Photos by Michael "Mike" L. Baird -- Because I have so many sites where I publish photos, I have this domain to list all the photo sites, hosted at but now (2010) I push all my photos to Flickr via
good until ~8/17/16 - registered at - Engineering Your Start-Up: A Guide for the High-Tech Entrepreneur
The whole book used to be posted here, but it no longer is, so this is a "mini" site used to promote the book. same as subdomain  on 1and1, same as  (note and  are re-directs to the sales page for the book, and not the promotion pages)
good until 11/2/2013 - registered at - Michael "Mike" L. Baird Personal Web Presence
now hosted at my 1st account at  (was at Verio for many years) - registered at - Morro Bay, CA Nature, Education, Conservation, Politics, and Responsible Recreation Guide - Visitor and Travel Resources
now hosted at my 1st account at , was hosted at Yahoo! Website Services for years - registered at - Robert L. Baird's Personal Web Presence and Resume
was hosted as a subdirectory at -- but this
now moved to my 1st account at same as - registered at - Sandy Baird's Personal Web Presence
(Sandy may in fact own this domain now, I'd have to check) - registered at - First Online™ Los Altos Incubator™ management consultants
hosted at my 1st account at  changed to due to FrontPage corruption problems 11-22-05 - registered at - Michael "Mike" L. Baird Personal Web Camera
on 1and1 at and point to the same content directory - Mike Baird's photo exhibit of sweet pleasing digital photos
hosted at my 1st account at - registered at - Buffy Baird's (cocker spaniel) dog-blog Morro Bay, CA
hosted at my 1st account at

Buffy now (2010) mostly uses Flickr

Moving to before 6/15/2011 when domain expires

eBomb.US - registered at - eBomb.US  same as -- future home of an article on electronic warfare (protected directory)(for now, this is mostly a password protected domain)  was associated with a past Exchange account... a domain, it now it maps to a test web blog at bairdmike - Digital Photowaking Notes blog test site part of's web space and iWeb - automatically renewed each year at - Heidi Baird's domain added 11-14-04 on 1and1 at content never changes :>) content is now at - Local docent and volunteer site - experimental (domain obtained 12-9-04)
NEW and (re-directs to .org brand) March 2007, was to be the official site for CA Sate Park SLO County Coast Docents; handed off to the organization of docents and ccnha 2010 - intend to abandon 3/2011 if not taken over content is now at and Archives for maps, and photos taken at the annual Morro Bay Winter Bird festival in Morro Bay, CA content is now at - Bird Identification site including photos for Morro Strand State Beach in Morro Bay, CA content is now at since replaced by my Flickr presence and content is now at A "working site" - documenting select Morro Bay, CA related projects in progress, including CA State Park docent-related and Natural History Museum projects - registered at - renews 11-20-15 - same as -- Doorway to a DigitalRailroad Yahoo! Group at

Google Sites offers free web sites w/o domain names - these are only some of many of my Google Sites webs
This is similar to my free "Google Pages" experiment at