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BairdPhotos.com -- Photos by "Mike" Michael L. Baird, Morro Bay, CA
I had so many "photo web sites" that I created bairdphotos.com just to keep track of some of them.

My Google profile
Some of my old research citations

Belize 2008 trip planning page  Photos from Belize April 2008

Some of my patents are now discoverable via Google
New patent granted:  United States Patent 6,859,699, Feb. 22, 2005 "Network-based method and system for distributing data"

My jotspot test Wiki http://mikebaird.jot.com (garbage content)

Kayaking in Morro Bay 10-30-05

A pro bono site I did Morro Bay North Embarcadero Waterfront (NEW) Futures Committee "New Futures Committee" 

8-6-05 Rob and Jen Visit Mike and Heidi

Yahoo 360 test page http://360.yahoo.com/mikebaird
test http://mikebaird.backpackit.com (private to-do list servicve)

Photos from a paddle in Morro Bay 5-25-05 (temporary)

Photos from a quick trip to Costa Rica in Feb. 2005

Costa Rica 2007 Planning Page  (Previous Costa Rica Planning Page)

For a list of most of the domains that I maintain, visit  baird.ws 

Experimental Microsoft blog space http://spaces.msn.com/members/mikebaird

Backgrounder & Contact Info    "About the Author" resume 3-28-03 for EYSU2   
My new book "Engineering Your Start-up" is at eysu.org
promo photos   

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 mikeoffice.gif (9128 bytes)  experimental blog site mikebaird.blogspot.com (worthless)

Mike's Personal Wireless Web Cam now at  http://mikebairdcam.com

Order my Book:
Engineering Your Start-Up: A Guide for the Hi-Tech Entrepreneur  
Related PowerPoint Presentation 
All-new 2nd Edition of Engineering your Start-Up (2003)
Buy now, the all new, 2003 2nd Edition of
Engineering Your Start-Up: A Guide for the High-Tech Entrepreneur 
by Jim Swanson and Michael Baird.  Also available from my publisher.
Here is a publicity flyer in .pdf format
You can no longer read or search for every page of EYSU2 online

eysu.org was all-new web site (2003) devoted to Engineering Your Start-Up

First Online's Los Altos Incubator   
First Online, Inc., founded 1994, is now home to Los Altos Incubator
"where aspiring entrepreneurs seek expert advice"

My Morro Bay, CA  Morro-bay.com site links 

Sandy and Mike's June 14-17, 2002 Yosemite Half Dome Hike

Baja California Travel Notes  
Backpacking Check List   Sierra Wilderness Check List

Bird Fest 2003 Maps archive directory 
Bird Fest 2003 Map work area (use for 2004)

Latin American Interests    
Peru 2001           
Guatemala 2001
Ana Fabiola Sutuj Aguilar's Education Account and status reports
Google language and translation tools (good)
Learn Spanish online - check out  http://lomastv.com/   http://ola.yabla.com/  http://lomastv.yabla.com/  http://lomastv.yabla.com/  where you can listed to Spanish and see translations, and look up vocabulary in an interesting self-paced interactive way.  

 che28.jpg (46799 bytes)  Cuba, a personal commentary  (Rod William's 2002 report)
Conversations with a Cuban (Sept 2003) 

Fines for unlicensed travel to Cuba
Support the La Pedrera Project in Guatemala  Join La Pedrera Yahoo! Group
Support the Project Pasac Segundo (pasac.org domain is abandoned and now dead) Join the related Yahoo! Group (not too active)


Join the no-dogs-morro-strand group, to learn more about and discuss
the new "No Dogs Allowed" policy at Morro Strand State Beach

Download a Word document "petition" here
"We believe that the ban on leashed dogs from Morro Strand State Beach is unwarranted and in
violation of a citizen’s right to reasonable access to a public place."


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Information about Service (Assistance) Dogs

Morro Bay, CA Cloisters Special Tax Assessment (password protected)

Cloisters Yahoo! Group


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